About Us

Phoenix Power Group LLC, a privately held company incorporated in Tennessee, was established to develop alternative energy technologies that are environmentally friendly and that make good business sense. Phoenix has since developed this revolutionary technology to convert flammable/combustivble gases and liquids (i.e., waste oils, methane, natural gas, alcohols, ethers, etc...) into valuable electrical power and usable heat (Combined Heat and Power).  In addition, Phoenix has patents for elements of this revolutionary technology and has the worldwide rights for waste to power applications. The company believes that our intellectual property rights, state-of-the-art technology and decades of experience in the waste to power market will place it in a leadership position in this exciting new industry.

Being an environmentally-conscious company, Phoenix has significant interest in projects in underdeveloped countries. Many of these areas have vast supplies of waste products, but have no means to effectively utilize it. The majority of these areas often suffer from the same adversity: lack of electricity and/or clean drinking water. Over 1.2 billion people - 20% of the world's population - are still without access to electricity worldwide.

Phoenix’s CHP generators can easily be utilized to 1) properly dispose of a potential surface and groundwater contaminant; 2) provide needed inexpensive electricity; 3) power water treatment facilities to provide drinkable water; 4) power small hospital/clinic facilities; and significantly reduce or eliminate expensive disposal costs. Phoenix looks forward to working with worldwide organizations to literally bring light into these people’s lives.

PPG Executive Team

Thomas V Thillen, President, has over 35 years in the design, construction and program management. Mr. Thillen has developed two additional start-up companies from scratch including strategic planning, services development, marketing and process and procedure development. He has been responsible for national programs and has worked for clients such as Ford, General Motors, Harrah’s and Victory Lane.

Doug Petty, Vice President (Marketing and Regulatory Affairs) has extensive experience in environmental and occupational safety along with 12 years of experience in high-level, direct sales. Mr. Petty will manage the distribution team, establish new markets and cultivate relationships with large owner groups. Questions regarding PPG and its line of products may be sent to Mr. Petty at doug@phoenixpowergroup.com.