Free or low cost Fuel

The Phoenix CHP Generator can be equipped to operate on either waste liquids or gases that are flammable or combustible (waste motor oil, methane, natural gas, alcohols, ethers, etc...), that can be combusted cleanly.  In the case of used oil, methane, and waste alcohols and ethers, the fuel is essentially free since it is a byproduct of facility operations. It has already served its intended purpose and has been previously expensed. If fueled by natural gas, the extremely low cost and massive availability makes it an extremely attractive fuel source.  Waste components can be converted to usable heat and power, thereby minimizing or eliminating expensive disposal costs.

Low Emissions

The Phoenix CHP Generator utilizes a patented Phoenix Steam Generator (PSG) and an external combustion engine. In this configuration, the fuel stays in the combustion chamber much longer than an internal combustion engine. This allows the fuel to be more thoroughly burned, which greatly minimizes harmful emissions to the atmosphere. A gasoline or diesel-powered engine uses explosions to power the engine. These explosions last only a millisecond which does not allow the fuel to be completely burned; thereby, exhausting more pollution. The Phoenix CHP Generator emissions are essentially free of NOx, with insignificant SO2 levels.  In addition, there is virtually no noticable odor from the unit, as opposed to some commonly commercially-available oil burning/heating units. 

no Groundwater Contamination

Waste (used) oil is a potential soil, surface water and groundwater contaminant. A very small percentage is actually re-refined and some is used for other purposes. Unfortunately, a large portion is disposed of incorrectly. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, waste oil from one oil change can contaminate 1 million gallons of fresh water. The Phoenix CHP Generator thoroughly and cleanly combusts the fuel in the PSG, which eliminates the potential release of the waste oil to the environment.

Liability Eliminated

Cradle-to-grave liability and liability insurance costs associated with waste disposal are eliminated due to the fact that all of the waste fuel is burned in our CHP generator. There is no need to have it disposed of in landfills or transported off site by third party collectors.

Year-Round Use

Unlike common waste oil heaters, the Phoenix CHP Generator can operate year-round and in regions with warmer climates (i.e., Southern and Western regions of the U.S.). Since it produces electrical power plus ambient heat (Combined Heat and Power), it has much more flexibility in how it is used. In addition, unlike wind or solar power, the Phoenix CHP Generator is not restricted by the lack of wind or sunshine.

return on investment

The Phoenix CHP Generator is designed to produce electricity that can be used to minimize demand on the existing power grid. Due to this reduced need for expensive electricity from the utility company, as well as creating valuable heat, we anticipate a payback time of around two to three years and positive cash flow within 12 months, in most instances. The Return on investment should exceed the 30% range.