Phoenix Generators

Phoenix Waste Oil Electrical Generators

The Phoenix Waste Oil Electrical Generator (genset) is a state-of-the-art generator system that is capable of utilizing waste oil products (i.e., used motor/equipment oil) or low cost Natural Gas to produce electricity for operational needs, to transfer excess power to a power grid, and/or provide heat to the ambient working environment (Combined Heat and Power [CHP] or Cogeneration). Utilizing the revolutionary patent pending Phoenix Steam Generator (PSG) (pictured below in red) and a steam-powered external combustion engine, the Phoenix genset system is designed to produce from 10 to 13kW of electrical power.

The Phoenix genset operation is straightforward. In the case of used oil, the oil is pumped from a storage tank through filters to the PSG and ignited [Note: If fueled by Natural Gas, the fuel is piped directly to the PSG). Steel tubes containing the working fluid are coiled in the chamber. This fluid is turned to steam and directed to an engine.  This, in turn, produces mechanical motion turning a shaft leading to the electric generator. The rotation in the electric motor produces the electricity. Once the steam is exhausted from the engine, it travels through the heat exchange system, cooling and condensing the steam back into a liquid and then back into the PSG to repeat the process. The Phoenix genset is a completely enclosed system. 

As one can clearly see, the Phoenix genset is a revolutionary combination of new and old technology. Keep in mind that other than the PSG and the external combustion engine, the majority of the components are "off the shelf" with UL ratings and a long history of outstanding performance and dependability.


Video of Prototype


SIZE: 56”L x 36”W x 96”H

WEIGHT: Approximately 1,300 lbs

POWER SOURCE: Phoenix Steam Generator (patent pending)

LOCATION REQUIREMENTS: Interior space such as a store room, mechanical room or shop floor

FACILITY REQUIREMENTS: Compressed air (<15 psi) (Waste Oil Models Only)

FUEL: Used On-Spec motor oil or Natural Gas

FUEL CONSUMPTION (Oil): Approximately 3 gal/hr at full output


EMISSIONS: Sulfur dioxide (SO2) and Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) are significantly lower than a standard diesel generator. (Preliminary emission data collected by a third party EPA-certified testing lab)